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Brighton Theatre Company began its days as “The St Andrew’s Players” performing at St. Andrew’s Church Hall in Brighton. The company then moved on to St Peter’s Parish Hall, Were Street and were known as “Brighton Repertory Company”, later changing their name to “Brighton Theatre Company”. An invitation was received from Brighton Council to use the main auditorium of the Town Hall, and in 1984 we began operations on that site. With the redevelopment of the Town Hall as an Arts & Cultural Centre, the company moved to the former library and constructed our own “little theatre” – seating 84 patrons. In 2009, the Bayside Council made a number of alterations to the interior of the building including a new entrance and modern foyer for the theatre. We have installed new seating and now seat 93 patrons.


BTC stages four productions each year. Plays are selected by the Play Reading Committee from scripts submitted by its chosen Directors, as well as those suggested by members. The company aims to produce a range of theatrical experiences from comedy to drama, by a wide variety of Australian and international authors. Our directors are chosen from around Victoria, each one bringing new ideas and a wealth of experience to the company. Feedback from patrons is strongly encouraged as we like to produce the kind of theatre that audiences enjoy, as well as giving our casts and crew members the opportunity to extend their creativity and further their technical skills. BTC productions are always an entertaining night out, with highly enjoyable extras such as pre-show sherries, followed by supper after the final curtain and a chance to meet the cast and crew.



Brighton Theatre Company are holding an audition for their November production of ”Bloody Murder”.


DATE and TIME: Saturday 13th September at 2.00pm

DIRECTED BY: Andrew McMillan

VENUE: Brighton Theatre, Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, cnr Wilson & Carpenter Street, Brighton

ROLES: CHARLES POMEROY (late 30’s to early 40’s)
THE MAJOR (60’s)
DEVON TREMAINE (late 40’s)

ENQUIRIES: Ring Gaynor Johnson 9592 3041

Current / Next Production - Season 3 - 2014

Season Three 2014

Written by Aidan Fennessy
Directed by Nick Opolski

  • Book Tickets: 1300 752 126
    or Email: Box Office Manager

    Session Details

    Thursday 21 August @ 8pm
    Friday 22 August @ 8pm
    Saturday 23 August @ 8pm
    Sunday 24 August @ 2.15pm Matinee
    Wednesday 27 August @ 8pm
    Thursday 28 August @ 8pm
    Friday 29 August @ 8pm
    Saturday 30 August @ 2.15pm Matinee
    Saturday 30 August @ 8pm
    Sunday 31 August @ 2.15pm Matinee
    Wednesday 3 September @ 8pm
    Thursday 4 September @ 8pm
    Friday 5 September @ 8pm
    Saturday 6 September @ 8pm

    News / Special Dates 2014

    Annual General Meeting and Awards Night

    Drinks at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start.

    Email: Deborah Fabbro, or call her on 9527 2681, if you would like to come along.

    Play Reading

    Starts at 1.30pm.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and join in.

    Management Meeting
    at The Theatre

    Starts at 7.00pm.

    Performance of CHILLING and KILLING MY ANNABEL LEE by Aidan Fennessy
    at The Theatre

    Thursday 21st August to Saturday 23rd August starts at 8.00pm. Sunday 24th August Matinee starts at 2.15pm

    Performance of CHILLING and KILLING MY ANNABEL LEE by Aidan Fennessy
    at The Theatre

    Wednesday 27th August to Saturday 30th August starts at 8.00pm. Saturday 30th August and Sunday 31st August have Matinees starting at 2.15pm

    Performance of CHILLING and KILLING MY ANNABEL LEE by Aidan Fennessy
    at The Theatre

    Wednesday 3rd September to Saturday 6th September starts at 8.00pm.

    Play Reading

    Starts at 1.30pm.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and join in.

    Management Meeting
    at The Theatre

    Starts at 7.00pm.


    Starts at 10.00am.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and help.


    Starts at 7.00pm.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and help.


    Starts at 10.00am.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and help.


    Starts at 10.00am.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and help.

    Season 2014

    As Bees In Honey Drown

    Written by Douglas Carter Beane and Directed by Peter Newling

  • A satirical comedy/drama set in 1990s New York

    Evan Wyler, a twenty-something New York writer savouring the success of his debut novel, has just finished a photo session. Defined by the media as the “hot, young thing of the moment”, Evan captures the attention of Alexa Vere de Vere who wants him to write the screenplay of her life story. Black clad and mysterious, Alexa makes the world of celebrity her home. In fact it’s her religion. Is she a film producer? Is she a film agent? “Just spend time with me,” she says “and you’ll learn all you need to know... You’re not the person you were born – who wonderful is?”

  • Performance Dates: 20th February - 8th March 2014


    Written by John Logan and Directed by Vicki Smith

  • A drama set in late 1950s New York

    Winner of the 2010 Tony Award for best play

    Mark Rothko is a brilliant artist. Ken is his new assistant. A New York studio - like the depths of a cell, the smell of paint, a canvas waiting for a splash of red, Rothko bullies, snaps, abuses, teaches. Ken listens, casually observes, causes arguments. Together they make and mix paint. Together they create art. Art for the new Four Seasons restaurant. Is Rothko selling out or simply baring his soul?

  • Performance Dates: 22nd May - 7th June 2014

    Chilling and Killing My Annabel Lee

    Written by Aidan Fennessy and Directed by Nick Opolski

  • Thriller

    When a body is found in a disused ice works and a man confesses to killing his lover, two detectives are caught in a labyrinth of clues starting with the phrase ‘my beautiful Annabel Lee’. Set in a seedy nether-world, this play explores the nature of crime and guilt, both real and figurative. Inspired by classic film noir and the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, spun round the confessions of a writer and his muse fatale, this is a world of seductive and compelling stories of betrayal, loss and lust in a highly intriguing plot that will have you guessing right to the last minute.

  • Performance Dates: 21st August - 6th September 2014

    Bloody Murder

    Written by Ed Sala and Directed by Andrew McMillan

  • Mystery / Comedy

    A group of the usual British murder mystery types gather for a weekend retreat at the sumptuous country estate of the esteemed Lady Somerset. There’s the major who served in India; the inebriated, failing actor; the innocent ingénue; the exotic lady in red; the mysterious Chinese gentleman; the rich dowager aunt accompanied by her faithful maid and worthless nephew. Suddenly one of them dies of poison. Well, of course! But wait... Her Ladyship refuses to summon the police! She says she won’t go through all this again. All what again? And why were they all invited here in the first place? Is this actually just another all-too predictable mystery? Or is it something diabolically... different? Agatha Christie meets Pirandello as characters rebel against their author.

  • Performance Dates: 13th November - 29th November 2014

    Audition Notices Season 1 - 2015

    Season One 2015
    Play TBA
    Directed TBA

  • Stay Tuned until later in 2014 for all audition details for the Brighton Theatre 2015 Season

    Specific requirements:

    Roles Available:


    Pre-Requisites: Information for prospective auditionees: All auditions are by appointment only.

    Audition Dates:

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    Proposed rehearsals dates:


    Past Plays

    Management Team

    Annie Blood
    Artistic Director

    Annie has only been with BTC since 2008 since arriving back in Melbourne after many years living, studying and working in Adelaide. During that time, Annie has been a Director, Actor, Stage Manager, Designer, Company President and Artistic Director even scoring a couple of professional stage crew gigs with “The Boy from Oz” and “Hello Dolly” at the Festival Theatre. Since joining BTC, she has taken on the role of Staging Director and also works as one of the technical crew – operating lighting and sound for a number of productions. Annie will be directing BTC's final production in 2012.

    Gaynor Johnson

    Gaynor joined Brighton Repertory Company in 1981 when the group were resident at St Peters Church in Moffat Street. They later moved on to the Town Hall at the Council’s request, during which time, Gaynor acted as Secretary. Gaynor directed three of BTC’s melodramas and has appeared on stage many times and assisted backstage. Musicals are her first love. She remembers BTC as a “family company” with the children working alongside parents all having a jolly time. Members took on many roles – if you weren’t selected in the next production you would do lights, wardrobe, backstage etc. She retired from acting about 15 years ago but recently appeared in a production at Peridot Theatre last year. She rejoined the BTC committee in 2005 as Secretary.

    Deborah Fabbro

    Deborah has been involved in theatre since childhood. She has playing many roles over the years with a number of companies and also performed at many One Act Play festivals in the 1990s. In recent years she moved to the other side of the footlights and has directed for Brighton, Malvern, Peridot and Sherbrooke Theatre Companies. She has adjudicated for ‘in-house’ awards at Malvern, Beaumaris and Mordialloc theatre companies. She first came to BTC in 1989 and became part of the committee in April 2000 as Treasurer, a position she still holds. From 2005 she also held the position of Acting President until the change in the Management Structure of the company in 2007. Away from BTC, though still connected to theatre, she works as a volunteer for The Victorian Drama League.

    Lesley Batten
    Staging Director

    Lesley's involvement in community theatre has been spread over many years and with a number of Melbourne based companies. During this period she has directed, stage managed, designed and helped construct sets, adjudicated, worked front of house, served on a variety of committees and has made an appearance on stage on one or two occasions. Lesley has been a member of BTC for seven years and has served on the Management Team in the position of Social Events/Activities Co-ordinator for the past two years.

    Gordon Boyd
    Technical Director

    “Working, Living and Breathing Theatre since 1985” Gordon hails from Shepparton and first started performing on stage at primary school, moved to high school and then community shows… the theatre world became his life. The last 2 years at high school he performed in 8 shows, and was involved in another 2 backstage, in and out of high school. He completed a theatre course at the University Of Ballarat and, never shying away from it, swiftly shifted to the dark side and completed another course in Lighting, Sound and AV. He performed in Peridot’s 2010 production of ‘Time of My Life’ directed by Ewen Crockett and was then asked to do lighting for his next show at BTC, ‘The Popular Mechanicals’, and then for the next show ‘Iron’. Gordon didn’t want to leave the theatre, so when asked he jumped at the role of Technical Director with the advisory words “There will be changes” Gordon is new to the BTC Management Team in 2011 but he has plans to improve the technical aspects of the theatre.

    Ewen Crockett
    FOH Co-ordinator

    Ewen became involved in theatre in Melbourne late in 1972 when he auditioned for Malvern Theatre’s production of “Romanof and Juliet”. Although this was not his finest hour, he was hooked and, to date, has been involved in one way or another, with well over 100 productions at many different companies. He went on to become involved with The Moomba Festival of Theatre for 10 years - 3 years as Chairman, and later became an adjudicator with The Victorian Drama League. He served on the board at Malvern in the 1970’s and 80’s. He was introduced to Brighton Theatre Co in 1988 and subsequently joined the committee and assisted with re-establishing and re-locating BTC to the new space in 1999. He acted as President for 3 years and has been awarded Life Membership.

    Jo Boyes
    Membership Co-ordinator

    Jo always enjoyed the theatre as an audience member. Jo joined Shepparton Theatre Arts Group when her daughter decided to try her luck onstage. For the next ten years Jo worked on almost every show Shepparton Theatre did in roles from crew to production co-ordinator and finally taking on the role of President. After moving to Melbourne Jo joined Brighton Theatre, she has loved every minute with Brighton and is looking forward to her time on the Management Team.

    Christina Carolan
    Publicity Officer

    Christina and her husband Tony moved to Melbourne from Sydney ten years ago along with their two daughters, son-in-law and two grandchildren. Previously Christina has been a nurse, secretary and finally an early childhood/primary teacher, teaching in Sydney at Cranbrook Grammar and in Melbourne at Haileybury. Joining the Brighton Theatre Company as a member, opened up an avenue of interest into helping with set building, dismantling, front of house and of course meeting enthusiastic and dedicated people.  It has given her a very hands on experience into understanding what goes into the production of Community Theatre and appreciate all the voluntary talent offered to maintain this wonderful source of entertainment.

    Andrew McMillan
    General Committee

    Andrew is passionate about all forms of theatre. He is a freelance director/designer and graduate from the VCA School of Drama. He has worked for most of Melbourne's theatre companies including Playbox (A.D), Melbourne Theatre Company (A.D), St Martin’s Youth Arts Centre (SM), Spoleto Festival (SM), Victoria State Opera (ASM) and Arts Centre Melbourne (Wardrobe). Design credits include Three Days of Rain (BTC), The Kid (RTC), Captain Midnight (RTC), Morning Sacrifice (RTC), WolfBoy (Toorak PS), Dinkum Assorted (RTC), Life Goes On and the 1988 Bicentennial Fashion Spectacular (Set/lighting NSW Wool Corporation).

    Brenda Wheelahan
    General Committee

    Brenda's involvement with BTC dates back to 1991 when Gaynor convinced her to take on the ticket secretary role, after directing her in the melodrama, The Red Barn. At that time, shows were performed in the town hall with patrons seated at tables, eating and drinking! Brenda's role soon expanded to Front of House Manager as well. So, setting up the hall, washing tablecloths and tea-towels each night were all part of the job description, along with phone bookings and being "the face" of BTC to our regular patrons. Brenda has performed in only one other production - our Jack O'Hagan Tribute Musical. It was then that she caught the eye of Peter Guthrie - set builder (later BTC President, life member and co-builder of our raked auditorium). They married in 1997. Brenda was made a life member in 2001 and remains committed to assisting with Front of House. She believes our patrons receive such wonderful service at BTC.


    Ticket Prices are as follows:

    FULL PRICE: $23
    Concessions are applicable to Seniors, Pensioners and Students.

    Our evening performances commence at 8.00 pm sharp and matinee performances at 2.15pm sharp.

    Sherries are served in the foyer 30 minutes prior to curtain up.

    Doors will open 20 minutes before the commencement of all performances.
    Patrons are asked to be in their seats at least five minutes before the advertised start time to ensure a prompt and undisturbed commencement of the play.

    Out of courtesy to both performers and audience, latecomers will be admitted only when there is a suitable break in the performance.

    Please ensure that mobile phones, pagers and watches with automatic alarms are switched off as these disturb other patrons and the performers.

    To purchase tickets for our productions, please call the Box Office Manager on 1300 752 126
    Or book tickets online here:


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