About us - 41 years and counting


Celebrations will continue in 2017 as Brighton Theatre Company marks 41 years. Brighton Theatre Company began its days as “The St Andrew’s Players” performing at St. Andrew’s Church Hall in Brighton. The company then moved on to St Peter’s Parish Hall, Were Street and were known as “Brighton Repertory Company”, later changing their name to “Brighton Theatre Company”. An invitation was received from Brighton Council to use the main auditorium of the Town Hall, and in 1984 we began operations on that site. With the redevelopment of the Town Hall as an Arts & Cultural Centre, the company moved to the former library and constructed our own “little theatre” – seating 84 patrons. In 2009, the Bayside Council made a number of alterations to the interior of the building including a new entrance and modern foyer for the theatre. We have installed new seating and now seat 93 patrons.


BTC stages four productions each year. Plays are selected by the Play Reading Committee from scripts submitted by its chosen Directors, as well as those suggested by members. The company aims to produce a range of theatrical experiences from comedy to drama, by a wide variety of Australian and international authors. Our directors are chosen from around Victoria, each one bringing new ideas and a wealth of experience to the company. Feedback from patrons is strongly encouraged as we like to produce the kind of theatre that audiences enjoy, as well as giving our casts and crew members the opportunity to extend their creativity and further their technical skills. BTC productions are always an entertaining night out, with highly enjoyable extras such as pre-show sherries, followed by supper after the final curtain and a chance to meet the cast and crew.

Current / Next Production - Season 1 - 2017

Season One 2017
Face To Face

Written by David Williamson
Directed by Tim Long

  • Book Tickets: 1300 752 126
    or Email: Box Office Manager

    Session Details

    Thursday 16 February @ 8pm
    Friday 17 February @ 8pm
    Saturday 18 February @ 8pm
    Sunday 19 February @ 2.15pm Matinee
    Wednesday 22 February @ 8pm
    Thursday 23 February @ 8pm
    Friday 24 February @ 8pm
    Saturday 25 February @ 2.15pm Matinee
    Saturday 25 February @ 8pm
    Sunday 26 February @ 2.15pm Matinee
    Wednesday 1 March @ 8pm
    Thursday 2 March @ 8pm
    Friday 2 March @ 8pm
    Saturday 4 March @ 8pm

    News / Special Dates 2017

    Play Reading

    Starts at 1.30pm.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and join in.

    Management Meeting
    at The Theatre

    Starts at 7.00pm.

    2017 Season Launch
    at The Theatre


    Management Meeting
    at The Theatre

    Starts at 7.00pm.

    Performance of OTHER PEOPLE"S MONEY by Jerry Sterner
    at The Theatre

    Thursday 10th November to Saturday 12th November starts at 8.00pm. Sunday 13th November is a Matinee starting at 2.15pm

    Play Reading

    Starts at 1.30pm.

    Email: Lesley Batten, or call her on 9598 4636, if you would like to come along and join in.

    Performance of Performance of OTHER PEOPLE"S MONEY by Jerry Sterner
    at The Theatre

    Wednesday 16th November to Saturday 19th November starts at 8.00pm. Saturday 19th November also has a matinee starting at 2.15pm and Sunday 20th November is a Matinee only starting at 2.15pm

    Performance of Performance of OTHER PEOPLE"S MONEY by Jerry Sterner
    at The Theatre

    Wednesday 23rd November to Saturday 26th November starts at 8.00pm.

    Volunteers Night


    Management Meeting
    at The Theatre

    Starts at 7.00pm.

    Season 2017 - Our 41st Year

    Face To Face

    Written by David Williamson and Directed by Tim Long

  • ------

    A tense conflict resolution session scrutinises the lives and relationships of several employees of a medium-sized industrial scaffolding business, all of whom may have played a part in a violent encounter that threatens to send one of them to jail.

  • Performance Dates: 16th February - 4th March 2017

    Hats Off!

    Written by Alison Campbell Rate and Directed by Denise Wellington

  • ------

    Five women approaching "middle" age get together to reminisce about their uni days and explore the possibilities of the future.

  • Performance Dates: 18th May - 3rd June 2017

    The Garden Of Granddaughters

    Written by Stephen Sewell and Directed by Andrew Ferguson

  • ------

    Most of life's questions are evaded, avoided and ignored in this compassionate comedy.

  • Performance Dates: 17th August - 2nd September 2017

    The Return

    Written by Reg Cribb and Directed by Deborah Fabbro

  • ------

    A thug and his junior partner in crime take a late night train from Perth to Fremantle, menacing passengers along the way. For an hour they own the train. Riding the uneasy line between comedy and terror, The Return is a tautly-written study in peer pressure, anxiety and suppressed violence in a social class which is often silenced.

  • Performance Dates: 9th November - 25th November 2017

    Youth Theatre

    Play TBA

  • ------

    The future of Brighton Theatre gets to take over the stage for the first time in our inaugural BTC Youth Production. The aspiring young adults of our community will get the chance to showcase their talents in a production that will be written, directed and performed entirely by them.

  • Performance Dates: December 2017

    Audition Notices Season 2 - 2017

    Season Two 2017
    HATS OFF! by Alison Campbell Rate
    Directed by Denise Wellington

  • Specific requirements: Actors need to be able to commit unconditionally not only for an entire performance season but also for all scheduled rehearsals at which their attendance is required.

    Synopsis: It’s a weekend in October and 5 ‘approaching middle age’ women, who have known each other since they shared a student house when they were at university, are catching up at a holiday house in Daylesford owned by one of them. They reminisce about uni days and explore the possibilities of the future.

    Character Summary: 5F (all 50’s)

    HARRIET: Recently widowed, mother of 3 teenagers. University lecturer and owns the holiday house in Daylesford. She’s facing change and is looking for a way forward.

    TRINITY: Married, no children. Her husband is well-off so Trinity doesn’t need to work, although she trained as a teacher. She projects a somewhat flippant and carefree persona, but this is masking a deep sense of justice and instinct to protect. She prefers to keep things private.

    GABI: Single mum to a teenage boy, Gabi teaches Drama and English in a secondary school. She’s a bit scatty and usually looks to others for guidance and support.

    CASSIE: Married with 2 teenage daughters, Cassie is feeling disillusioned and locked in and she fantasises about escape. As she prefers order and predictability, shared student housing was rather challenging for her. The glass is half empty.

    MICHELLE: Married and without children, Michelle is a go-getter, clear thinker and straight talker with a dry wit and mischievous nature. She teaches French and Maths at secondary school and has promotion in her sights.

    Audition Dates:
    Sunday 5 March @ 3.00pm and Monday 6 March @ 7.30pm.

    Please direct your audition enquiries to the director via email: Denise Wellington, or call her on 0410 246 667.

    Proposed rehearsals dates: Rehearsals dates will be organised at a later time.

    Production Details:
    May 18 to June 3, 2017

    Past Plays

    Management Team

    Annie Blood
    Artistic Director

    As BTC’s current Artistic Director Annie gets considerable satisfaction (tempered with occasional frustration!) from dealing with the challenges involved with making every effort to provide our audiences with interesting and innovative theatre whilst at the same time ensuring that the productions we choose are accessible to everyone. During a three decade sojourn in Adelaide Annie was involved in community theatre as a Director, Actor, Stage Manager, Designer, Company President and Artistic Director. Since coming to Brighton she has added technical design and operation to the list. Nearly always involved in some capacity with BTC productions, when it comes to her Artistic Director’s portfolio responsibilities Annie values the support and advice given by the important play selection panel and the entire BTC Management Team. No production proceeds at BTC without broad consultation and consideration of whether all aspects will achieve a good fit with our company mission statement.

    Gaynor Johnson

    Gaynor joined Brighton Repertory Company in 1981 when the group were resident at St Peters Church in Moffat Street. They later moved on to the Town Hall at the Council’s request, during which time, Gaynor acted as Secretary. Gaynor directed three of BTC’s melodramas and has appeared on stage many times and assisted backstage. Musicals are her first love. She remembers BTC as a “family company” with the children working alongside parents all having a jolly time. Members took on many roles – if you weren’t selected in the next production you would do lights, wardrobe, backstage etc. She retired from acting about 15 years ago but recently appeared in a production at Peridot Theatre last year. She rejoined the BTC committee in 2005 as Secretary.

    Deborah Fabbro

    Deborah has been involved in theatre since childhood. She has playing many roles over the years with a number of companies and also performed at many One Act Play festivals in the 1990s. In recent years she moved to the other side of the footlights and has directed for Brighton, Malvern, Peridot and Sherbrooke Theatre Companies. She has adjudicated for ‘in-house’ awards at Malvern, Beaumaris and Mordialloc theatre companies. She first came to BTC in 1989 and became part of the committee in April 2000 as Treasurer, a position she still holds. From 2005 she also held the position of Acting President until the change in the Management Structure of the company in 2007. Away from BTC, though still connected to theatre, she works as a volunteer for The Victorian Drama League.

    Lesley Batten
    Staging Director

    Lesley's involvement in community theatre has been spread over many years and with a number of Melbourne based companies. During this period she has directed, stage managed, designed and helped construct sets, adjudicated, worked front of house, served on a variety of committees and has made an appearance on stage on one or two occasions. Lesley has been a member of BTC since 2003. She previously held the position of Social Secretary.

    Martin Gray
    Technical Director

    Although new to community theatre in 2013, by the end of 2016 Martin had worked on more than twenty productions with seven companies. He enjoys the challenges that different directors and venues present. Creating interesting and entertaining lighting and sound designs, to compliment and support the cast and production is very satisfying; as is working behind the scenes with management and crew of the respective companies. Having worked on three BTC productions in 2016, Martin has become closely involved with the many technical aspects and demands made by our venue. The lovely Brighton Theatre is like a vintage car, requiring regular maintenance undertaken with tender loving care. So, being invited to become Brighton’s Technical Director late in 2016 was quite an honour. Martin has taken up the reins, handed to him by Alan Crispin.

    Suzie Martens
    Box Office Manager

    Suzie has enjoyed seeing BTC productions over the past 10 years and with the retirement of Edda Dawson in 2013 took over the role of Box Office Manager. She is continuing in this role and also decided to join the Management Team this year to assist with the many tasks of the Committee. Suzie currently works at Drama Victoria, an association that provides workshops, conferences and resources to drama teachers and their students. Combining work, BTC and having twin teenage girls, Suzie feels that her life, at present, is full of dramatic moments!

    Sally-Ann Tilley
    Membership Coordinator

    Sally-Ann has spent her life in the Bayside area and brought up her children here. A former teacher, she has been involved in many community activities. Through her own business, she has a background in advertising and media and brings these skills and her enthusiasm to the BTC Management Team.

    Ewen Crockett
    FOH Manager

    Ewen has been involved in theatre for eons. He has performed in, directed, built sets, designed & operated lights & sound, found props, painted scenes & worked front of house for more productions than he cares to remember and at more theatre companies than he can count. He was on the board of the Moomba Festival of Theatre for ten years, then the biggest theatre festival in the southern hemisphere. More recently he has been one of the adjudicators for The Victorian Drama League. He has been a member of BTC since 1989 and has served as President, Staging Director, Workshop Co-ordinator and is pleased to return to the role Front of House Manager which he previously held between 2008-2014.

    Aimee Sanderson

    Aimee has been involved in various Community Theatres around Melbourne, and the One Act Play festivals, for the past 10 years. Also involved in film production and digital media, Aimee has joined the Management Team to help with various online duties, and wherever else needed!

    Pedro Ramos
    Youth Theatre Coordinator

    Pedro has been working with community theatres since early 2013 when he first performed in Brisbane. Since then he has remained constantly active whether on the stage or behind the scenes. He has a particular passion for engaging and inspiring the upcoming generations into action, be that in the performing arts or in his natural environment of science.


    Ticket Prices are as follows:

    FULL PRICE: $23
    Concessions are applicable to Seniors, Pensioners and Students.

    Our evening performances commence at 8.00 pm sharp and matinee performances at 2.15pm sharp.

    Sherries are served in the foyer 30 minutes prior to curtain up.

    Doors will open 20 minutes before the commencement of all performances.
    Patrons are asked to be in their seats at least five minutes before the advertised start time to ensure a prompt and undisturbed commencement of the play.

    Out of courtesy to both performers and audience, latecomers will be admitted only when there is a suitable break in the performance.

    Please ensure that mobile phones, pagers and watches with automatic alarms are switched off as these disturb other patrons and the performers.

    To purchase tickets for our productions, please call the Box Office Manager on 1300 752 126
    Or book tickets online here:


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